If you own a swimming pool – be it above ground or below – you will need to maintain it regularly. This means not only making sure the water is properly cleaned and balanced for swimmers, but that debris is often removed. You will need to invest in a special vacuum cleaner designed to remove sand, leaves, sticks, and other things that sink to your pool floor and eventually clog your filters. Pool vacuums work to remove garbage quickly and efficiently, while helping clean your water so you can swim without worry.

It is best to equip yourself with the proper cleaning equipment when your pool is installed. This way, you can familiarize yourself early on with the procedure for vacuuming your pool and be prepared when it is time to clean. Depending on where you live and the environment in which your pool is built – density of tree covering, proximity of beach, wind – you may need to clean your pool often, or perhaps every few weeks. It is important to make sure you keep up on maintenance so nothing jams into one of your filters, or a swimmer does not cut his or her foot on something sharp on the floor.

When shopping for a small pool vacuum cleaner, you will want to research the brands carefully. Many pool equipment shops carry the top brands, like Polaris, V-TRAP, Hammer Head, and Hayward, and their features and prices may overwhelm you. However, there are some things to consider when buying your cleaner:

  • Manual or automatic. Some pool owners like the robotic-style cleaners because it requires less work for them. A quality automatic vacuum can cover the length of your pool and pick up everything that doesn’t belong there. However, if you’re a stickler for getting the job done, you may wish to look into a clean you power completely.
  • Your pool. Do you have a vinyl liner installed? Some cleaners may work better on vinyl liners, concrete bowls, or fiberglass pools than others. Be sure to consult with a pool professional and find out which cleaners will work without scratching any surfaces.
  • Pool usage. Do you live in an area where the weather is warm year around, or at least several months of the year? If so, you may be inclined to use your pool more, and you’ll want a durable cleaner that lasts. If you don’t own a pool liner for the winter months, you may wish to buy one in addition to a cleaner so you won’t have to clean as often during the off-season.

Small pool vacuums are an essential element in your equipment stable. Choose the right one for the job, and you’ll enjoy many years of clean, healthy swimming.