Aqua Leisure pool services offer pool equipment and maintenance in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and all over Hampton Roads. We have been proudly serving the local pool owners for over twenty-five years.

Aqua Leisure Pools offers a vide rage of pool equipment, covers and liners from the top manufacturers. We make luxury affordable.

Pool Liners:

  • Garrett Liners are the pool liners from one of the most trusted brands in the nation. These high quality liners are made by the most professional and skilled cutters and machine operators in the industry.
  • LOOP-LOC Liners come with a 20-year prorated warranty and are made with top quality virgin-vinyl material.

Pool Covers:

Aqua Leisure Pools offers the best pool covers from the top trusted companies in the country. Our finest brands come in variety of styles. Call Aqua Leisure store or visit us to get the perfect cover for your pool.

Pool Equipment:

Aqua Leisure Pools offers a variety of automatic pool cleaners, pumps, motors, filters, salt systems, and other pool supplies in Virginia Beach, Portsmouth and Chesapeake stores.

Pool Toys:

Visit Aqua Leisure Pools for a great selection of flotation devices, pool games, and other fun toys especially made for summer swimming.

Aqua Leisure Pool Services:

Let Aqua Leisure Pools handle all your in-ground and above ground pool maintenance needs. For over 25 years, we have help thousands of Hampton Roads homeowners make the most of their backyard recreation with clean, safe swimming and a fire shoppe installation for enjoyable summer nights. Contact us for equipment repair, water tasting, parts replacement and installation, pool lights, and other pool services in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and surrounding areas.

Enjoy a cool water pool on a hot summer day. Relax by your pool and watch your children play with water. Aqua Leisure Pool and Spa services will make sure that your pool is in a perfect condition and ready for summer.

The pool is for you to enjoy, and not to stress out about the covers, chemicals and equipment.

Aqua Leisure provide you with quality pool covers to secure your pool area and keep the water clear of leaves, dirt, and animal droppings. Your pool will always be clean. Visit on of our offices in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, or Portsmouth to choose the right cover for your swimming pool. Try Loop Loc, our best seller. LOOP-LOC pool covers are so durable that you can walk on it without breaking the cover.

We offer the best chemicals from the leading suppliers for your pool and spa. Alden Leeds, Baquacil, Natural Chemistry, SeaKlear and E-Z Pool. Please contact us for more information.

Something isn’t quite right with your pool? Don’t worry, call Aqua Leisure Pool and Spa professional to check your pool and make sure that everything is in working order. We provide equipment repair and replacement for your Pool and Spa.

Give us a call, or visit one of our locations in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Portsmouth to ensure that your pool and spa are in a great condition, and give you plenty of joy!