Pool Accessories


Style your pool and backyard with some of these accessories. From Lighting to Flags we’ll have your backyard looking good in no time!


ChillLite Triple Bubble Premier LED Light

Attaches to the swimming pool wall to create brilliant water display. Adds the soothing sound of gently tumbling water yo your yard. Adjustable fountain height and interchangeable heads provide for a choice of water displays. Easily installs in minutes in most swimming pools with 1-1/2″ return lines.

SwimWays Ocean Art Lotus

Bring your pool to life with SwimWays Ocean Art Lotus floating pool lights! Our beautiful floating flower lights illuminate your pool, pond or spa for that added touch of elegance at pool parties, or any time you want to brighten up your pool decor. The free floating flowers provide a dazzling display of edge lighting on the water’s surface. Simple one-touch activation cycles through a full spectrum of color on the flower’s petals, naturally enhancing your outdoor waterscape.