Stain Prevention and Cleaners

Swimming pool stains on the wall or floor of a swimming pool can be caused by metals in the pool water, or by an organic material left in the pool.


Stain Stop

poolife® Stain Stop provides protection against scale, stains and rust caused by minerals in the water such as iron, copper, nickel, manganese, silicon and zinc. Effective at controlling stains after the use of poolife® Stain Lift.

Useful Tips

  • For best results, add the required amount of poolife® Stain Stop at the time you start to fill the pool unless the surface is black plaster, then add it after the pool is full.
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, salt water, ozone and minerals
defend plus

Stain Lift

poolife® Stain Lift is a concentrated, granular stain remover for swimming pools. Use as directed to quickly remove stains caused by copper, iron, manganese, cobalt and silver.

Useful Tips

  • This product can be used on several pool surfaces including gunite, most plaster, concrete, vinyl and fiberglass.
  • This product is not intended for use on pools with black plaster.

Tile RX Cleaner

poolife® Tile Cleaner Rx is a superior formula for cleaning and descaling most vinyl liners, tile, fiberglass and concrete pools. Effectively removes dirt, oil & scale.
Useful Tips

  • Apply poolife® Tile Cleaner Rx as it comes from the bottle with a sponge, cloth or soft brush.
  • Swab surface to be cleaned and let stand no more than three minutes.
  • Wipe surface that was cleaned promptly with a damp cloth and then splash with water.

Backwash Filter Cleaner

This product is chemically formulated to break down caked on oils and minerals on your sand filter, allowing them to be backwashed away. This results in a “like new” filter performance.
Useful Tips

  • While the filter is backwashing, slowly pour 8 fl. oz. of this product into the skimmer.
  • Continue the backwashing process according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Can be used every time the filter is backwashed to maintain filter efficiency and a crystal clear pool.

BAQUACIL Backwash Filter Cleaner

Quick cleaning action with no soaking and no waiting. Effectively removes organic and inorganic buildup and cleans the sand particles as you backwash. Great results with no hassle.

BAQUACIL Metal Control

Strong chelating agent that deactivates dissolved copper, iron, and other heavy metals that can affect water clarity.