Swimming Pools – Common Maintenance Problems

There’s nothing like spending a long day poolside, soaking up the sun and enjoying time spent with family and friends. This summer you’re sure to host many a weekend barbecue or pool party, and naturally you’ll want to keep your swimming pool clean and functioning properly as much as possible…. Read more »

Limestone Fire Pits for Your Backyard

After a long day at work, nothing feels better than going home and kicking back with a cold drink and maybe some nice music to help you relax. When the weather is cool and the sky free of clouds, the idea of sitting outside for some pleasant conversation just may… Read more »

3 Most Common Types of Swimming Pool Filters

Seasoned pool owners already know the importance of filtration. In order to maintain a clean and safe swimming environment, you must have working filters in place. Whether you use a chlorinated or salt water system, it’s important to have the right filter installed. Let’s take a look at three of… Read more »

Getting Swimming Pool Water Out of Your Ears

Maybe it’s happened to you: after a long day in the pool, splashing and swimming with family and friends, you finally come out to dry off and sense a heavy feeling in your ear. There’s a crunching sound, and your ear feels as though it’s been plugged, though you’re capable… Read more »

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Families

Summertime means no more school – until September – and long days playing outside and having fun in the pool. Whether you have your own swimming area or have a membership to a community pool, it’s important that everybody know the proper safety procedures, so that in the event of… Read more »

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