Pool Water Testing Services

Ready to make a splash this summer in the comfort of your backyard pool? Not so fast, you need to make sure the water is properly tested so that it’s safe for swimming. Call on Aqua Leisure Pools to test your pool water and advise you on what needs to be done to keep your swimming water fresh, clean, and free of harmful bacteria. We are also experts in cleaning dirty, green pools.

Aqua Leisure Pools offers Hampton Roads pool owners the most sophisticated water testing systems in the industry. We use the computerized Spin Disk technology system to inspect your water sample and determine any chemicals that need to be added to balance your water. With the quick test results and our trained staff, we will make sure you are swimming in a safe clean pool.

Contact any of our five locations today about our FREE water testing services.

Pool Equipment

Whether you're looking for filters, pumps, heaters, or automated systems, Aqua Leisure Pools has what you need. We are a Hayward Platinum dealer and a Totally Hayward Warranty Service Center. Get the best value on quality equipment to get your pool working efficiently.

Pool Toys & Floats

What pool doesn't need a little fun? Our stock of pool floats, toys, and games is sure to keep you and the family smiling and enjoying your time in the water.

Pool Cleaners

We are an authorized Maytronics Dolphin retailer and repair center. Contact Aqua Leisure Pools today and we will help you choose the best cleaner for your pool! Go to www.maytronics.com for more information on the cleaners. The pool cleaners are designed for efficient and effortless pool cleaning! They have many features necessary for today’s connected families like Wi-Fi-enabled starts and stops, advanced weekly scheduler, pick-me-up mode, full filter indicator, remote steering (on selected models), updates, and service alerts.