Yes, we had a rough winter here in Hampton Roads. It seemed for a while we would never see Spring, but now that the sun has finally come out you’re probably planning of reopening the pool for another year of relaxing in the warmer months. If you’ve kept up with the maintenance of your pool – making sure the chemicals are balanced and the water is clean – you might be ready to dive in right now. At Aqua Leisure Pools, our satisfaction comes in your pool enjoyment, which is why we invite you to contact us today to schedule a pool check-up.

Looking at your pool’s surface, you might not be able to detect any problems, but environmental changes can bring out bacteria in your pool that could cause harm and illness for anybody who goes swimming. Our trained, professional pool maintenance staff can test your pool water to determine if you need specialized care for your in-ground or above ground system. We’ll make sure the chlorine balance is correct and that your pumps and filters are working right to keep the water fresh.

Pool care involves more than pouring in a bottle of chlorine and hoping for the best. Don’t spend your summer indoors because your swimming pool isn’t healthy enough – let Aqua Leisure Pools guarantee your leisure with a detailed safety inspection. Contact us today at any of our five locations around Hampton Roads. We are proud to serve Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth homeowners for over 25 years.