When your pool is not in use, don’t keep it exposed to the elements. The longer you leave your in-ground pool alone, the better the chance for leaves and debris, and disgusting animal droppings to contaminate the water. Your pool is your haven, not a waste pit! Protect your pool with a durable cover that not only keeps your water clean, but your family safe, too.

Pool covers are highly recommended for homeowners with pets and small children. Aqua Leisure Pools of Hampton Roads is a proud reseller of Loop Loc covers, the first name in pool protection. Their patented lock design lets nothing in, so nobody will fall into your pool by accident, and nothing will dirty the water. Use the cover in severe weather and when you’re on vacation. Your pool will look fresh and clean when you’re ready to go swimming again.

Contact us today at any of our five locations for more information on a Loop Loc cover for your pool. Measuring is free with your purchase!