We know you can’t wait for the weather to warm up. Sunny spring and summer days are meant for relaxing by and splashing in your backyard, and the sooner you can suit up the earlier the fun begins. With owning a pool, however, comes the responsibility of keeping it clean. The water must always be treated so nobody encounters discomfort, or worse, illness. When you shop for pool supplies you’ll no doubt find friendly experts ready to assist you, but you might wonder also if cleaning the pool is a responsibility best left entirely to an expert.

There is definitely more to cleaning a swimming pool than occasionally skimming leaves from the surface. One must check regularly that the pH balance of the water is correct, and that enough chemicals are used to maintain water purity. Filters and pumps should be checked often to make sure they work properly, and it’s always a good idea to make sure your vinyl liner is not torn or worn anywhere. If something is askew, you risk a leak in your pool, and if left alone these damage could cost a fortune in repairs.

You may think you save money by cleaning your own pool, but it is necessary to consider a few things before you take on the job. Do you work full-time, or travel often? Do you have a physical impairment that would prevent you from doing certain tasks? While there are advantages to doing it yourself, hiring an expert cleaner allows you the freedom to enjoy your pool without worry, provided you have a reputable service.

Where can you find a quality cleaner for the job? Word of mouth is typically the best method – ask neighbors and friends who own swimming pools if they hire out, and learn which companies offer good service. Try online home improvement directories like Angie’s List where pool maintenance services are rated. Before you call anybody to come out and get to work, meet up with potential hires to learn about their schedules, pricing structure and other issues. If you work often during the day, chances are you may need to leave a back gate open for the cleaner to access, so you want to be sure your home is safe.

Take your lifestyle and knowledge of pool safety and cleaning into consideration before you decide to hire somebody to clean your swimming area. With the right person doing the job, you can enjoy many days in clean water.