Depending on where you live, Spring weather can present problems. If your city holds a reputation for unpredictable forecasts (don’t like the temperature, wait five minutes), you may feel reluctant to make plans for outdoor activities lest you end up bailing in the wake of a storm. For pool owners, however, the temptation to enjoy a leisurely day on the water strengthens with the first nice day – be it April or even March. We know that preparing a pool that hasn’t been used in months take work and time to perfect, and you might ask yourself if it’s worth the trouble if tomorrow will bring gray skies.

Should you open your pool early with optimistic hopes that the weather will not relapse? Rainy Spring days definitely put a damper on weekend plans for backyard fun, but if you prepare correctly you can still get a head start on pool enjoyment and keep everything protected in the event the skies open. Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

1) Have all your pool chemicals bought and ready to use. Make sure everything you need is at home before you begin. You don’t want to waste time driving back and forth to get your supplies.

2) Check all filters and pumps. When it does rain, these should help get rid of any excess water and prevent flooding. If you find they aren’t working and your levels are higher than usual, definitely have a pool repairman make a call.

3) Invest in a sturdy pool cover. If you are concerned with rain and debris, a cover works to keep your water clean and your filters undamaged. You may still have to skim the surface for leaves, bugs, and other things, but you’ll find the work won’t be as great than if you didn’t have that extra cover.

4) Study weather patterns. This Spring may be different from last, but it never hurts to compare. Watch weekly forecasts for changes in your area and have everything ready.

Or, if you do not feel confident, you can simply wait for a warmer climate in May so you don’t have to worry about opening the pool then covering everything up until summer. Decisions like these are not easy to make. On one hand, you would hate to delay opening your swimming pool to find everyday in April is beautiful and sunny, then think of all the fun you could have had! Study your environment, then go from there. Above all else, be safe and have fun.