Thinking of having a new swimming pool installed in your back yard? If you have the money and time to devote to the maintenance of a pool, it’s a great thing to have during the warmer months when you desperately need to cool down. These days you have so many options for your backyard recreation. Above ground pools are popular, and these days you can choose from different sizes and depths. However, many people are finding that the in-ground salt water pool is more desirable, and why not? Salt water swimming pools provide a greener way to enjoy backyard fun.

Of course, by green we mean environmentally sound – you definitely don’t want your pool water turning green! That is one advantage of owning a pool with a salt system: such devices are built to clean themselves. This way you probably won’t spend as much time cleaning your pool than if you used chlorinated water. This gives you many more hours spent in the water enjoying it.

If you are concerned about skin issues as you swim, it may encourage you to know that salt water tends to be softer and gentler on the skin than chlorinated water. It is less likely to sting your eyes and damage your hair. Also, the fact that chlorine is part of salt’s chemical breakdown, you are likely to save money on products you would normally buy for maintenance.

As you decide on the procedure for installing you swimming area, take note of initial costs. It may cost more up front to have a salt system put in place, which may make you wonder when the savings come in. This happens in the fact that you are not constantly buying chemicals to refresh your water. Therefore, monthly payouts won’t be as bad. Repair of such systems are affordable as well, and cleaning a salt water pool is much easier to do.

Consult with a professional for more information on salt versus chlorinated systems. You will definitely note the differences as they apply to your lifestyle. Once you are in the water swimming and enjoy the time with your family and friends, you just might experience the difference in the water’s consistency. If your eyes aren’t stinging and the scent of chlorine doesn’t tickle your nose, you might realize your summer recreational pleasure is enhanced by their absence. A salt water system for your new pool is a great option for your backyard entertainment.