Does Your Pool Need Service?

Your pool is not only a beautiful addition to your backyard, but a big investment as well.  Pools and spas add value to your home, and it is important to keep them in working order.
Preventing is always cheaper.  Regular pool service and inspections will ensure the best condition of your pool.

Regular Cleaning

Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool. Dead leaves and debris make your pool unattractive, and may potentially damage certain parts of your pool such as filters and lining.  Regular pool service will prevent that form happening.


Maintaining a recommended chemistry level keeps the water in your pool clean and safe. Using the right chemicals is important to keep all the parts of your pool in working order.  If you are not sure which chemicals to use, schedule a pool service with your local pool maintenance company.

Pool Covers

Cover your pool when it is not in use. Order a high quality pool cover that will last longer and protect your pool better. Covering your pool during winter and when it is not in use for longer than a couple of days is recommended to keep the water clean of dead lives, insects and debris.

Pool Service in Virginia Beach

Aqua Leisure Pools offers pool services for all residents of Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. Keep your pool in the best shape with Aqua Leisure Pools! Contact us to schedule a pool service for your  home. Call one of our Virginia Beach stores today!