By now you’re probably in the thick of holiday shopping for your family. No doubt everybody has given you an extensive list or at least hinted at one or two gifts they would like to receive. Your budget may only allow for purchase of some items, but if you’re lucky there may be enough in the budget for some extra surprises. If you’re a proud pool owner counting the days until the snow melts and the weather is sunny and bright once again, why not consider putting some pool toys under the tree?

It’s not uncommon for families to exchange gifts that are more typical of the current season. It’s cold outside, so we buy mittens and hot cocoa kits and maybe a sled. These are great for immediate use, and eventually they are stored away until next winter. Why would we consider buying a gift that cannot be used for several months yet? Well, let’s look at the possibilities:

  1. Pool toys may be cheaper this time of year. Unless your local pool store also offers equipment for winter backyard leisure, there’s a chance business will slow for them come Christmas. People may still maintain pools and buy cleaners, but likely not at the rate they would during the summer. You may wish to check your local pool outlets for holiday sales put on to keep business moving through the years. You just may find some bargains.
  2. Buy some pool toys now for the kids’ stockings, and you can teach responsibility. If they have something they can’t necessarily use right away, this is a good opportunity to show your children how to care for their things. Have them place the pool toys in storage so they will know where to find them for summer. Getting the toys for Christmas may also help instill a pride of ownership in a swimming pool, which leads to showing them how to properly care for it.
  3. You may find some toys are versatile. Some pool shops sell toys that may be used throughout the year, in or out of the pool. Smaller toys could be used in a child’s bath as well.

However you plan to celebrate the holidays, adding a pool toy or two to a child’s gift haul just may lighten a few smiles this year. Many of us are already counting the days until summer, and it helps to have a reminder.