Get your pool winter ready!

Winter is near and it’s time to start scheduling your pool closing. At Aqua Leisure, we have professional pool closing services to insure your equipment and pool are properly winterized.

Properly closing and winterizing you pool during colder months saves you the time and the money that goes into regular pool maintenance. It also makes it easier to get your pool summer ready in the spring.

Professional Pool Closings Include:

Filter: Chemically clean and winterize filter
Pump: Drain and winterize
Chemicals: We strongly recommend that you balance your pool and add closing chemicals the day before we come out to close your pool.
Salt Chlorinator: Turn off system and remove cell if requested
Heater: open drain on header, close gas valve, and winterize
Electrical: Switch timer off and remove tripper
Pool: Skim, lower water level, remove auto pool cleaner, remove ladder and handrail, and install Gizzmo’s
Cover: Install pool cover


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