While you know your local pool store will have exactly what you’re looking for, you may find yourself just grabbing your pool supply basics at your local big box store when you grab other essentials on your list. Sure, big box stores are known for their convenience and lower prices, which may seem like that’s the best place to purchase your products. But don’t be fooled. 

There are several reasons why a trip to your local pool store is the better option when it comes to grabbing all of your pool supplies, so read on for some of the most significant points to consider. 

Variety of Products

Big box stores are all about variety. So much so that they don’t have a lot of any one thing, they have a little of everything. Think groceries, clothes, cleaning supplies, electronics, and more. However, your local pool supply store focuses on one type of inventory only: pool supplies. From chemicals and equipment to accessories, toys, furniture, and more, a local pool supply store will likely have everything you need to best care for your outdoor living space. 

The variety of products you’ll find at your local pool store can’t be beaten by a big box chain. The owners have researched the best products available for your pool and offer the selection based on how well they will perform, ensuring their shelves are stocked with a perfected curated variety of pool supply products. 

Experienced Support & Trusted Relationships

Got a specific pool-related question? There’s a good chance the employees at the big box store aren’t going to be able to answer it. Big box store employees aren’t pool experts. With so many products in the store, they can’t be experts on all of them. At best, they may be able to answer a simple question about the product on the shelves. But if you’re wondering why your pool water is murky and are in need of a product suggestion, they’re likely not going to be able to help you to the degree in which you need. 

The great news is your local pool store is 100-percent dedicated to answering all of your pool-related questions. These professional experts have a solid working knowledge of pool care and have years of experience in order to be able to answer your questions and help resolve any issues you may have. Your local pool store likely also offers complimentary water testing to check your levels and provide you with the best course of action to keep your water balanced and swim-ready at all times.

There’s something to be said for being able to walk into a store, know the employees, them know you, and have them help you on a personal level. Those personal relationships can only be built in a smaller setting where one-on-one interaction is the norm, and a local pool store is the only place you will find that. 

Reliable Quality 

Big box stores may have the type of product you’re looking for, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best quality product or that it’s fresh. Some pool chemicals, such as chlorine, lose potency the longer it sits on the shelf. While pool stores keep track of this to ensure only the freshest products are out on the shelves, big box stores may not be as diligent about keeping up with it. 

Big box stores are also looking to sell a product, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best product because it doesn’t have to be. Convenience doesn’t equal quality. They aren’t looking to only sell the highest quality products. At your local pool store, however, they purposefully select the highest quality products and stand behind every product they sell. 

Your Hampton Roads Pool Dealer

While big box stores certainly provide a convenient and low-cost shopping experience, they aren’t always the best fit for your needs. You will save yourself time and money by getting exactly what you need for your pool all in one place at Aqua Leisure Pools & Spas. Stop by our pool supply store in Virginia Beach to talk to our knowledgeable professionals and find everything you need to keep your pool water clear and healthy. We look forward to bringing more than 36 years of experience to your backyard!

About the Company

Aqua Leisure Pools is the leading pool and hot tub supply store and service company serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Since 1985, Aqua Leisure Pools offers a number of pool and hot tub services, including inground vinyl liner replacement, weekly pool service, pool repair, and pool openings & closings, and much more. 

Aqua Leisure Pools has five conveniently located pool and hot tub stores throughout Virginia Beach and Chesapeake to help make pool ownership easy and stress-free. Our stores are stocked with reliable pool chemicals, energy-efficient equipment, pool toys and floats, pool cleaners and more. We also offer complimentary water testing to ensure your water is well-balanced and healthy. We are a Hayward Platinum Dealer and Totally Hayward Warranty Service Center. 

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