Testing your pool water regularly not only helps you detect small imbalances but also allows you to save money before a small problem escalates into something larger. It keeps your pool looking pleasant and prolongs its lifespan. 

When your pool comes in contact with chlorine, it helps eliminate bacteria and exposure to pool-borne illnesses. Your pool water can be tested in different ways. Read on to learn more about three of the most common and efficient pool water testing methods. 

Pool Test Strips

Simple and affordable pool test strips quickly determine the quality of your pool water based on pH, chlorine, and total alkalinity. Certain pool test strips also help you explore your pool water’s bacteria, salt, phosphates, and TDS levels. 

You only have to dip the pool strip in the water for about two seconds. Then, remove it while making sure it’s facing upwards and hold it still for about 15 seconds. Compare and match the colors to the respective values, and proceed to balance the chemical levels of your pool accordingly. Pool test strips also come with a wide range of testing options. While the 5-in-1 test strip tests the level of chlorine, alkalinity, total hardness, and pH balance, the 6-in-1 test strip also contains a cyanuric acid test.

Pool Test Kits

Pool test kits use liquid reagents to test your pool’s chemistry. They help test your pool’s total alkalinity, pH, and chlorination. By altering the color of a pool’s water sample, these reagents help indicate its pH level, chlorination, and alkalinity. 

It’s often believed that pool test kits provide more accurate results when compared to pool test strips. However, that’s not always the case. Incorrect readings can occur if the vial is shaken too vigorously or if there’s even one extra drop of reagent. That being said, when the test is performed with caution and precision, the color of the water and the test kit results will provide you with all the necessary readings. If you prefer the pool test kit and are familiar with its workings, it might be more suitable for you in determining your pool’s chemistry.

Electronic Testing

Digital test kits and electronic pool testers have recently gained much popularity. They help deliver an efficient and comprehensive analysis of your pool’s water directly to your smartphone. Some of these come in the form of electronic meters that can be dipped into your pool. Once you dip the meter, the pH balance and TDS levels readings appear on the screen. 

Some other electronic testing devices include the ones that are installed in your pool and connected directly to an app on your smartphone. These have the ability to provide you with detailed read-outs of a pool’s level all throughout the day. 

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