When considering pool maintenance, you likely only consider the regular and proper maintenance schedule to ensure your pool is always swim-ready. But what about if you aren’t going to be using your pool in the off-season? How do you ensure your pool is properly closed to stay healthy and ready to open in Spring? 

Pool closing is crucial to your pool’s safety and correct maintenance. However, if this is something you may not want to handle alone, hiring a professional pool maintenance company in Virginia Beach is best. Below are a few benefits of using a professional pool closing service. 

In-Depth, Expert Cleaning

The type of cleaning involved in pool winterization differs from the one you might be carrying out more regularly. A professional company will be able to perform intense skimming, vacuuming, filter cleaning and covering the pool using some specific equipment and chemical products. Hiring a pool expert will give you the peace of mind that a professional is handling this delicate job to ensure a successful opening come the new swimming season. 

Technical Expertise

Pool equipment is a vital part of how your pool runs. If the equipment isn’t functioning properly, it can become a costly fix in the long run. Using a professional pool maintenance company to close your pool, you can rest easy knowing every step of the process will be covered and nothing will be missed, potentially leaving you to deal with serious or expensive problems. The pool closing experts at Aqua Leisure Pools have nearly 40 years of experience and will carefully handle your pool equipment.

Saves Time

While pool ownership is a big responsibility, it is also meant to be enjoyed. The pool closing process is time-consuming, so we encourage pool owners to spend their time where it matters most — relishing the last few summer swims by enjoying the pool with family and friends. 

Choose Between Partial or Total Closing

At the end of summer or early fall, most homeowners must close their pool completely to keep it in tip-top shape for the following hot season. However, what happens if you are away for just a few weeks and would like to use your pool when you return home?

In this case, you can opt for partial pool closing. Again, this is a procedure that only a professional company should perform. Partial closing involves covering the pool without draining any water or performing any thorough cleaning and vacuuming so that you are ready to get your pool back up and running in a much shorter time.

Your Virginia Beach Pool Maintenance Experts

If you want your pool to last a long time, perform at its best, and offer you maximum safety and enjoyability, it’s best to invest in professional pool closing services. Call the Virginia Beach pool maintenance professionals at Aqua Leisure Pools to schedule an appointment for your pool closing services today. 

About the Company

Aqua Leisure Pools is a leading pool supply store and pool maintenance company serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Since 1985, Aqua Leisure Pools has offered a number of pool and hot tub services, including inground vinyl liner replacement, weekly pool maintenance, pool repair, and pool openings & closings, and much more. 

Aqua Leisure Pools has five conveniently located pool and hot tub stores throughout Virginia Beach and Chesapeake to help make pool ownership easy and stress-free. Our stores are stocked with reliable pool chemicals, energy-efficient equipment, pool toys and floats, pool cleaners and more. We also offer complimentary water testing to ensure your water is well-balanced and healthy. We are a Hayward Platinum Dealer and Totally Hayward Warranty Service Center. 

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