On a hot summer’s day, nothing beats time spent playing and splashing in the backyard pool. Whether alone or with friends, pool time certainly gives you the opportunity to cool off when the weather becomes unbelievably hot. However, just because you’ve given your body the chance to stay cool, it doesn’t mean you can get away with not staying hydrated as you swim. Playing in the pool and drinking are definitely two different things.

So how can one stay hydrated and safe while swimming? The obvious solution is to keep cold water within reach as you play outside. An iced pitcher, or a reusable bottle meant for carrying cold drinks, is the best way to stay refreshed under the sun. You want to drink when possible so you don’t lose your natural energy. Too much exertion in the summertime, even if you’re in the water, can lead to fatigue.

How much water should you drink while outside? As it is recommended to drink at least eight glasses a day, with the typical glass being eight ounces, most health experts suggest drinking one bottle every hour in the daytime. If you plan to spend two hours at the pool today, make sure you get in about sixteen ounces of water. You don’t have to down it all at once – take time between laps and round of Marco Polo to reach for your bottle and sip. The water will replenish your body and keep you focused and alert.

Do you need to wait after drinking water to go back into the pool? More than likely not, but pay attention to how your body reacts to the environment. If you feel you are weakening and unable to finish swimming a lap, get out of the pool and relax for a few minutes with a long drink. Better to be on ground than in a position where you could come to harm.

Close to home, accidents involving pool risks are likely to happen. If a child is capable of drowning in just a few inches of water, it’s probable one can experience problems if dehydrated. Cold water, sports drinks with electrolytes, and healthy juices are good to have in the pool area as you and your family swim.

This summer, take the time to prepare for the days you’ll spend at home in the backyard swimming pool. With the pool functioning with clean water, and everybody hydrated and protected from heat problems, you are certain to enjoy this time.

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