Summer is the best time to enjoy your pool. From pool parties to cozying up by your fire pit under the stars, there are plenty of ways to make your poolside entertaining this summer. Read on for a few ways you can maximize your time by the pool this summer while creating long-lasting memories with family and friends. 

1. Pool party

Let’s be honest, while you never need a reason to host a pool party, getting everyone together to swim is always a good time. So whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or just want an excuse to enjoy the summer sun in the company of your family and friends, a pool party is always a perfect idea.

To maximize your pool party’s fun factor and beat the heat, think outside the box. Set up a poolside ice cream bar or incorporate a theme complete with a fun dress code and the right ambient lighting if it’s at night. You may want to display some fun games that can be played both in the water or out, and include a lot of pool balloons and floaters, especially if kids are involved.

And what’s a pool party without drinks? Create a customized drink station with fruit punch and other chilled beverages for your guests. And if you want to get a bit fancier, grab your guests’ attention by serving cocktails afloat. 

2. Cook outside in an outdoor kitchen & enjoy a meal al fresco

Another way to entertain poolside this summer is cooking in an outdoor kitchen and enjoying the meal in the open air. If you like cooking or baking, show your kitchen prowess by preparing sumptuous meals for your loved ones poolside. This also creates a perfect time to bond with your family and friends by doing meal preps, cooking, and enjoying the meal together.

When preparing summer foods, remember to keep them light and healthy so no one feels too bogged down to take a dip in the pool later. Charcuterie boards are great options when you’re entertaining guests as they feature a variety of lightweight finger food options perfect for snacking. 

If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen, your grill will be perfect! The smell of fresh barbecue wafting on the warm summer breeze keeps the good pool vibes going. 

3. Sit around your outdoor fire pit or fireplace

A fireplace or fire pit is the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor living area even after the sun goes down and you get a cool summer breeze. People tend to relax more when the sun goes down, so enjoy some warm conversations fireside as you make s’mores or have a nightcap to keep the fun going. 

If you don’t have a fire pit, worry not as there are plenty of affordable options available on the market for a portable fire pit or chiminea, or you can get crafty and build a simple DIY fire pit.

4. Sit and relax poolside

Sometimes entertainment means “you” time. If you value solo time, create the perfect place of relaxation by lounging poolside with your favorite book in hand or podcast on the speaker. Or take advantage of your gorgeous pool by laying on a float and allowing yourself the time to decompress in the water. 

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