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Fall is Here, Pool Closing Time is Near!

Get your pool winter ready! Winter is near and it’s time to start scheduling your pool closing. At Aqua Leisure, we have professional pool closing services to insure your equipment and pool are properly winterized. Properly closing and winterizing you pool during colder months saves you the time and the… Read more »

Picking the Right Pool Cleaner

What Pool Cleaner is Right for You? With so many options and brands on the market, choosing just one pool cleaner can be overwhelming. Today we’re going to review different products to help you decide which is best for you. There are three types of cleaners; a suction-side pool cleaner,… Read more »

Aqua Leisure Pools Extends Hours

Pool season is upon us and that means a busy season for pool owners. To better serve all of our customer’s needs, Aqua Leisure Pools will be extending our store hours. Starting April 12, 2015, all locations, with the exception of our Pembroke store, will begin opening on Sundays and… Read more »

Pool Pump Repair

Pool Pump Repair The swimming pool pump is a system that pulls the water out of your pool or spa. The pool pump usually consists of: Pulp basket – The basket traps the dead lives and debris, protecting the pulp from clogging. Pump housing – The pulp housing contains water,… Read more »

Pool Maintenance – Small Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners

If you own a swimming pool – be it above ground or below – you will need to maintain it regularly. This means not only making sure the water is properly cleaned and balanced for swimmers, but that debris is often removed. You will need to invest in a special… Read more »